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Jens Viggo Fjord started as a flamenco guitarist in Rio de Janeiro in 1988 participating in the flamenco ballet ”Bolero” by coreografer and dancer Ciro Monteiro.
In 1995 he forms Flamenco Noir that since then has performed in Sweden, Germany and all over Denmark in clubs and theatres. JVF also performs with brazilian music with his new group "Aguas".

JVF has studied in Spain with Manolo Sanlúcar, Isidro Muñoz and Miguel Ángel Cortéz, and in Rio with Marco Pereira and Sebastião Tapajós. He is formed in music at the university of Aarhus, Denmark, with additional studies in composition with Svend Aaquist Johansen, Peder Holm and Bo Holten.


  • Flamenco Noir:
    “Navidad Flamenca – spansk jul” (1998)
    “Wellplayed flamenco…” Aarhus Stiftstidende
    ”A very nice new danish album…” Djembe Music Magazine

  • Jens Viggo Fjord: ”Marilua” (Intermusic, 2000)
    ”Played with autencity and a nice swinging feel…” JP
    “You can feel the heat of this big country in the music of JVF…” Jyske
    “Nice, soft and sunny brazilian tunes…” Djembe

  • Jens Viggo Fjord: ”Lorca Sange” (2002)
    ”Lorca done in danish has come out very well” Djembe
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  • Flamenco Noir: "Navidad Flamenca - en Dinamarca" (Cope Records, 2004)
    "En definitiva, un bonito ejemplo de la universalidad del arte flamenco" - 'Definitively a nice example of the universality of the flamenco art.' José Polo, the spanish flamenco magazine, El Olivo.
    "Wonderfully raw flamenco" Chris Nickson, Roots Magazine, USA

  • Jens Viggo Fjord: ”Aguas” (Gateway Music, 2007) "A couple of the compositions by JVFjord sounds a little mainstream, but the majority are really first-class works, and a pair of them really are pure pearls." Boris Rabinowitsch in the danish newspaper Politiken

  • Jens Viggo Fjord: ”Al Norte del Flamenco” (Gateway Music, 2009

  • Guestparticipation:
    Uno Mundo: “Live and Alive” (1997), “The Global Village” (2002)
    Søren Frieboe: “Turn Turn Turn” (2003)
    Hummerkoret: “Kærlighedssonetter” (1998)

As composer JVF has done the music for the different performances of Flamenco Noir, and for the mentioned CD's. He has written for The Jutland Chamber Choir – “Latinamerikansk Suite” (1997), and the “Misa Flamenca Nórdica" performed in Sweden in 2000. In march 2002 was his "Requiem Flamenco" for soprano, cantaor, mixed choir, guitar and perc. performed in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus. He has composed music for the teatregroups as Den Blå Hest: "Lorca", and Himmel og hav: "Trods Alt".
He has received scholarships from The Danish Music Council, DJBFA and the Danish Musicians Union.